Fashion Survivor

from by Shareef Ali

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Saturday night, you’re picking fights, like the Devil got into you.
Then you’re searching for God all Sunday, like you’ve got nothing better to do.
At last you found your idol, buried deep in your boudoir.
A regular West Oakland Imelda Marcos is what you are.

I know my eyes don’t deceive me, and I’m telling you it’s only us.
Of course, you don’t believe me, but that’s because you’re an ornery cuss.
Adam, those demons you keep inside; they’re nothing to live or die for.
You’re a frontier bride. You’re a fashion survivor.

You say faith is cruel, but she’s kind to you, as if that’s the end of it.
Worship your dad’s bad timing and your mother’s bad habits.
I’m a superstitious atheist, let me explain how that works:
like you guessed, you can’t be blessed, but you bet we’re still all cursed.

The only way I’ll outlive you is if I have to drive the hearse.
Of course, I’d never forgive you for getting out of this shithole first.
I know there’s secrets you’ve got to hide: a code I’ll never decipher.
You’re a frontier bride. You’re a fashion survivor.

There’s no such place as hell, but let’s just say I’ll meet you there.
It’s a party you wouldn’t be caught dead at, in a dress you’d never wear.
But my friend, I know you well enough. You’d find a way to have your fun.
It’s not like they’ll kick you out, pour your drink on anyone.

Adam, your sport is suicide, I don’t care to learn the score;
a cynic and romantic in a grisly tug-of-war.
You don’t see yourself in science, you’d rather make yourself in myth.
But either way, you’re as extinct as Ouroboros Rex.

Adam, we’re going to miss you; Brooklyn’s infernal this time of year.
Would that I could come with you when that long black car draws near.
But it’s time for you to decide if you’re the passenger or the driver.
You’re a frontier bride. You’re a fashion survivor.


from A Place to Remember the Dead, released February 19, 2014
Shareef Ali - vocals, guitar
Erika Oba - organ
Maia "Papaya" Wiitala - electric bass
Mr. Andrew - drums




Shareef Ali San Francisco, California

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