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Well, you went to the dance with Aaron,
I seen you wearing your best dress.
But it was you and Paul coming out that stall
with his shirttails all a mess.
And then I saw you go out back with Jack,
I saw you kiss him on the mouth.
And before I could catch my breath,
you caught the last train south.

But how am I gonna understand
Why you like every kind of boy except the kind I am?
Why you wanna drag my love through the rocks and sand
And that heat so dry?
I’m'a go to the corner store,
gonna get myself an It’s It bar.
Last about as long as my heart would where you are:
down in Tucson, where good love goes to die.

Good love can only thrive
in a climate cold and wet.
Now you’ve gone about as far away
from that as you can get.
I met a man had that red rock tan
said he came from around those parts.
With that leather skin
and the spines sticking from his heart!

Remember all the nights I spent
at the window sill of your apartment:
you’d stand and grin behind the curtain
but you’d never invite me in.
Scrawl my love in chalk out on your sidewalk,
it was raining all the while.
Sometimes the best you can do
is make a pretty girl smile.


from A Place to Remember the Dead, released February 19, 2014
Shareef Ali - vocals, guitar
Brian Belknap - lap steel guitar
Maia "Papaya" Wiitala - upright bass, vocals




Shareef Ali San Francisco, California

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